Pilates for Seniors

Why is Pilates Important for Seniors?

Whether its on a mat, on classical Pilates equipment, or seated in an everyday chair, Pilates is beneficial for seniors. The exercises that are given help shoulder and lower back pain while building strength in those areas. Depending on the client and class format, weight bearing exercises are given to maintain bone density and strength. Every major muscle group and joints are targeted including working mobility and flexibility in the feet and hands. Alongside beneficial and measurable results of seniors who have a regular Pilates practice, group socialization and interaction is promoted through senior living and activity programs.

Alexia has ongoing Pilates for Seniors programs at senior community centers and retirement communities across the United States. In Dallas, TX, Alexia teaches at various senior communities and centers of all levels which include Memory Care (Alzheimer’s and Dementia), Assisted Living, Transitional Care, and Independent Living.   

Contact Alexia today to have a Pilates program for your seniors taught by her or one of her instructors. Can’t bring anyone in at this time? Reach out to us for a customized Pilates program.